70s baby

Apparently I have reached a certain demographic. The demographic were MTV doesn’t cater to me and those lucky enough to be polled or surveyed aren’t 30. I’m somewhere in the range of still going out to drink and dance at clubs but also concerned about carefully reviewing my insurance options when open enrollment rolls around.
It seems while I wasn’t looking I’ve become old. People aren’t interested in my thoughts, hence the lack of surveys piling up or are they interested in what I want to see on TV. I mean if they would have asked I would advise against The WEATHER Channel showing the MOVIE, ‘The Perfect Storm’, but nope, no one asked.

Although VH1’s “I Hate My 30s” hit it right on the mark all the way down to the fact that even the show sucks. Using irony to cover up the pain. Speaking of TV…when did ‘The Cosby Show’ become classic television? Somehow I’ve entered the age group of 31-49. FORTY-NINE? Seriously, what do I have in common with a 49-year-old person? Well, I suppose we both like to take surveys.

So, when I get the invite informing me that I’m peaking sexually at 34 and should celebrate with a free dinner and drinks at a local restaurant, its akin to getting an invite to the AARP lingerie party.

And please do I even have to mention the marriage and baby questions. I’ve come to fielding such intrusive baby queries with, “I’m infertile, now don’t you feel bad for asking?” Or when people say, “You’re 35?! You look good!” What the hell is that supposed to mean?I usually say something snarky like, “Well, Black Don’t Crack, baby!”
Yes, people I’m 35-freakin-years-old. I get it. And that ain’t old!

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  1. Awesome! Your words breath like fresh air of the truth. Being polite is not as cracked up to be. Be who you are and love it. That will always be in.

  2. I just turned 34…where’s my free you’ve peak sexually dinner?

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