There are many many things I am thankful for:
Breathable Air, Cell Phones with Bluetooth, Steve Madden boots, and PassionFruit flavored Vodka. But it wasn’t until I went with my friend to the local drug store because she needed a pregnancy test, that I knew I had to expand my list.

And also it started me thinking that when folks say they need to make “a quick stop” to pay attention to my Spidey-Senses.

Walking behind someone heading down the never-ending highly brighten aisle of “all-that-is-baby” was surreal. She walked as if on a catwalk with a straight back and head held high as she passed the baby bibs, baby bottles, baby toys and baby blankets. She even passed a baby in the shopping basket.

We finally approached the early pregnancy tests, which is oddly next to the condoms, gels and lubricants. All I gotta say is, “You never know which end of the aisle you’ll end up walking down.”

Depending on how you entered the aisle you’re faced with either all the fun before your luck runs out and the baby arrives or all the baby stuff ending with the stuff that got you the baby in the first place.

I thought it strange she priced checked and went with the mid-priced kit. At least she didn’t get it from the $1 store. I grabbed a diet soda and held her hand.

We had to leave, we didn’t pay the meter, because, well…we were just making a quick stop.

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