News Junkie

My name is Elena and I am a news junkie. I need my fix. Daily.

Just like the functioning alcoholic craves drinks in the morning to ward off the shakes or the meth addict grinds their teeth in anticipation of the warm glow to wash over them, I need news.

I remember my first taste of the news business arrived in the classroom. Class discussion stopped. The teacher was called away. She returned with a sad face and a television set on wheels.

“Class, something terrible has happened,” she said with red wet eyes. He emotion was so raw, so pure, so real and this was the day we knew our teacher was human.

She turned on the television set. My sixth grade class watched the spaceship Challenger explode. For hours and hours we watched as it glowed a bright yellow and flash of orange and fell to earth. Selfishly we were glad our teacher had not been picked.

I was hooked. I kept reading and reading. I was in 7th grade when I begged my financially strapped single mother for a subscription to Newsweek, and as an enabler she complied. Once in high school, I used the Debate Team as my alibi. I needed more news to debate current events. It was convenient, and no one was the wiser. I read of the Berlin Wall falling and deadly earthquakes along with a police beating a motorist in California. I read of gangs wearing red and blue that kept their survivors wearing black. I read and I watched, and I read some more.

Sounds strange to some, but after watching that, I was hooked. My fix comes in all form of news. Listening as the radio tells me an old lady was arrested for feeding the downtown meters. Or watching as the anchor explains about the athlete being accused of rape. I finally tap out as I tap my keyboard and watch a beheading of another American.

My habit is growing and I can’t stop. But why would I want to?

There’s no sense of trust in a bartender that doesn’t drink or a skinny chef. As a news junkie I embrace the news and what better way than to become a reporter.

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  1. Well said.

    I’m right with you, Elena. I started reading my parents’ Newsweek magazine every week when I was 8 years old, and even today I am a subscriber who happily devours each issue from cover to cover.

    I, too, remember hearing the news of big events (Oklahoma City bombing, 1988 presidential election) and wanting to find out everything I could about what was going on.

    While I am mainly a copy editor and editor at this point (rather than a reporter), I am a self-avowed news-aholic, and I will never recover, nor would I hope to do so.

    Jenni Grubbs

    • So glad to have you on-board the News Junkie boat!

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