Even City Girls Cry

There’s only so many times one can play “I Will Survive,” isn’t there?  I mean, statistically, it must be in heavy rotation given the amount of Karaoke bars and breakups in a 25-mile radius.

Hearing it is as horrible as singing it, sorry Gloria Gaynor but it’s true. It’s akin to what college kids have done to every song by Bob Marley.

But here I sit, after yet another breakup, playing the obligatory song while wearing the uniform of the depressed; sweats. Pretty, it ain’t. Maybe it’s time to fully embrace my spinsterhood? Go out a buy some odd number of cats and begin yelling at neighborhood kids while owning a stunning collection of mumus.

I think the transition of city gal, living on a diet of olives, martinis, parties and men, to a full-blown spinster would most effect my fantastic collection of shoes. I don’t know many spinsters with hot pink chromed heel Steve Madden’s. And seriously, I can’t donate stilettos.  It’s like petting a cat backwards against its fur, a crime against nature.

For those of you missing the point, I’m not bitter, I’m just alone. So how do I get out of this rut? I figured I’d try to dive into something, like taking up running. But I’m sure Jimmy Choo doesn’t make a rumming shoe. Maybe I could becoming a health nut or join a book club or start knitting? But nope, nada, niet. The desire just isn’t there.

While at times I’m content being the third or fifth wheel. The extra ticket friend. But, whether its pity or friendship, it does bite even if its just a little.

Now I think about it, the only stable and consistent relationship I’m having is with the video store guy. He saves the new releases and suggests movies. He’s very thoughtful, very cute and very young. I give him my mood and he has the answer. Oddly so does the guy that owns the local liquor store.

But it’s cool. Don’t worry about me. Because you’d think  “I’d crumble, you think I’d lay down and die? Oh no, not I-I will survive.”

Hey, what can I say; it’s clichéd for a reason.


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  1. Your really killing me! I love your blog. Very entertaining & I can really relate. Keep it up, you puta smile on my face;)

    • Aww, shucks! It means so much to hear that my dating misery puts a smile on Joél’s face. Heehee! Seriously, keep visiting and pass it along. I love new (and old) readers plus all the comments!

  2. Elena Nicole !this is hundredth time you’ve talked about your being alone , STOP IT ! your a beautiful
    lady ,(u favor ur uncle,he was fine ) everybody knows that a lady can always get a man . you most not be positioning yourself, you know what I mean ? no one going to come knocking at the door , post your face , profile ect . keep it up ! hell just your sweet ass writing should get a man and your good looks will keep him , dont worry about them few fools who come and gone. ok no more whinning ! think positive !u will survive !that stuff was funnt too!
    what i understood of it …lol..love you keep it up

  3. Sorry, I didn’t see your comment on my blog until recently. Stupid Blogspot doesn’t tell you “hey, you’ve got a comment; read it!” I hesitate to say I enjoyed this post, but I did, as much as I like singing “I Will Survive” at karaoke bars. Thanks for the link.


    • No worries. I enjoy reading your stuff even if you don’t get notice of comments, like you would if you came on over to WordPress (ha!). I like your stuff so I added you to my Blogroll so others can enjoy! Keep up the posts and the singing.

  4. Hi Elena, I know I’m a little late, but stay strong, and keep moving on. Stay positive. love you……..
    I’ll see you in May………..

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