Big Time Gap

Here’s the deal fuck-o.

You made a big boy decision when you decided after three months of dating to abruptly stop- that I figured out after about three weeks of you not calling or returning calls for that matter. Yeah, that shit hurt and came further from the left then a radical. According to you, I did everything “right” yet still got screwed and not laid. But that was months ago.

So popping up on my IM 90 days later and wanting to meet up, wasn’t to help me, but to aid you in the stupid choice you made. A choice made…months ago.

You say you wanted to get back in touch to be my friend because we always had “great convos” and I’m an “awesome person” and “Uh…by-the-way, I’m free on Saturday nights”. Seriously? You daft bastard.

Playa please! I’d say thank you for the niceties but 1, you’re picking at a healing wound you caused and 2, in thanks to the unprompted full disclosure you tell me the new woman in your life that you have this “amazing unprecedented connection” with lives in Dallas. That’s some convenient shit for keeping in touch, asshole.

Not to mention you sign off saying you’re going to have your standing dinner date with someone on Skype. You can’t even call her your ‘Girlfriend’! Real nice, dick. I’m sure you’re doing her real proud!

F.Y.I.: this mindfuck isn’t sexy and neither is an open relationship.

Hey Jerkwad, if I’m so fan-fuckin-tastic what do you need her for? And for that matter if she’s so great what do you need from me?! I need a real man that understands I’m a real woman that knows just who I am. I’m impressively magnificent and I am not to be toyed with.

So here’s for the cheap seats: Piss off, fuck off you fucking fuck, go-to-hell wearing gasoline boxers, which is something I should have told you months ago.

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