Itchy Inbox

Just when you thought there was a greeting card for everything, has reveled their latest in e-cards, the ‘you-may-have-an-STD’ card.

If you think it’s too awkward to have the face-to-face or the even less personal phone call, just send one of the many e-cards that will inform your partner that you have an STD and they may want to get a checkup.

In the spirit of the typical greeting card, they come complete with cutesy and clever sayings like, ‘It’s not what you brought to the party. It’s what you left with’. Or how about the one with a picture of a piece of string and says, ‘Sometime, there are strings attached: I got diagnosed with an STDs since we were together. Get checked out soon.’ And not to leave out the bi-lingual and jet-setting playas, there are cards in Espanol and sites that target Romania and Canada.

It can be difficult to notify your partner that you have and STD (or so I’m told) so if you’re really a spineless weasel, the e-card can be done anonymously! I know what your thinking, but try and resist the urge—As the site requests, don’t use this site to spam (as funny as it may be).

Because someone might get the idea to start a new greeting card: the ‘Sorry I falsely e-mailed you having a STD’ card. is a non-profit organization that was created by ISIS, which provide sexual education and resource to the online community. A year ago more than 1,800 cards have been sent to about 4200 recipients, according to Deb Levine, Executive Director of Internet Sexuality Information Services (ISIS). She says about 1/3 of the cards are for chlamydia/gonorrhea; 1/3 ‘other’ (including the default: STD) and 1/3 are for crabs/scabies.

Seems like you’d know if you had crabs, but if it takes the verification of an e-card, so be it.

The site allows the newly informed infected with links to learn more about STDs, possible treatments, and clinics in their cities where they can be tested. inSpot e-cards ( are available in 10 states, including Colorado with the funding from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Talk about one helluva e-mail, but then again it was opening up your inbox that got you in this mess.

A sample of the cards offered by notifying of a STD infection.


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