Hopping the Pond

Am I really leaving? Will I really do it?

The monsters of “why” and “what ifs” have been stomping around my head with steel stilettos on a hardwood floor since Sunday, when I found out my transfer into London had been accepted. The fact I had it in shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, but it was. See, I’ve had that transfer in for half a year.  London is and was closed to new transfers and then BLAMMO! 50 people get their transfers last week. Shit. I’ve been cozy in Colorado my whole life. Can I really make this move?

Well, in sans of flipping a coin; let’s make a list:

What about school, with less than a year left, do I want to put it off even further? However, I can take a few classes online.

What about my place I live? Well, I’ve not signed a lease, so I can get out of here in a month.

What about money? Now, that’s tough. The money my God-father left me when he died has yet to be spent and I’m getting a healthy check from Uncle Sam.

The cat? Seems London has lifted its archaic and brutal ban on a six-month quarantining of animals and now with some hoops to jump thru one can bring them over.

Leaving Mom? Her health, aside from the brain tumor is good. The doc says its not cancer and hasn’t grown since discovered last year. She’s not hurting from it.

If I can’t make it, will I be the loser that had to come back?

No answer for that one.

And now let’s hear from the trusted Coalition:

Kyle: Ur mom i understand…but if i recall this has been a small dream for a while….its now here in front of you..walk thru the dorr and take a chance….you’ll take a chance for a guy in a relationship…now take one for you.

Melinda: shit always goes south but you deal with it. the worst that could happen is you become homeless and have to suck dick for coke…but honestly I don’t see that happening.

Kathy: I can’t believe you are still thinking about it! You may never get this chance again!

Alana: Juuust do it!

Becky: Do not miss out on the wonderful experience. You can come back in 6 months….Denver will be here and so will all of us.

Ria: Sack up and make your move woman!

Tuwanna: Take it! You should not have put it in if you are questioning it! I am just saying!

April: I’m gonna miss my CO buddy, but you should definitely go!

Jenn LeBlanc: You are amazing, and therefore been presented with an amazing opportunity. And just like I pushed Matt Gunn off the cliff I’m right behind you.

Matt Gunn: Few get the opportunity to keep their job and move overseas. You need to give it a try. Colorado’s not going anywhere.

So, Elena….Its on you. What will you decide? Is it time to hop the pond?

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  1. Daughter, you are my pride and joy. And to quote Steel Magnolias “I love you more than my luggage”. I will support you in your decision. However, your Mama is telling you to go — quick like a bunny — go — this transfer is an excellent opportunity, it’s your dream — take it and run. Everyone will be fine in Colorado.

    • So this is mom-approved?

  2. Get the heck outta dodge girl! Sheesh! Besides, I need a couch to sleep on when I visit.

    • So you backing my moving is really self-serving? Heehee!

  3. I just have to say that I am 100% happy for you. Few of us actually take the chance and follow a dream. My dream to move to NYC 3 years later landed me AJ that made me meet you and Denver. So there is no telling what this jump across the pond will bring you. But go for you and live for you! Oh and make sure you have a comfy sofa cause you will have guest. 😉

    • You’re making me tear up! Stop it!

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