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The Blackhorse patch means something great. It means to be held to a higher standard. And while I may not have that patch on my shoulder the pride is in my heart. I aim to put the committed standard of excellence, seen within the men and women of Blackhorse, by achieving a degree in Journalism.

Worthiness of the 11ACVVC Scholarship:

My dad, retired Army SSG Edward Brown Jr., and I try to make the annual four-day reunion of the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia
 every year together. It’s our father-daughter time. It’s where stories I never heard at home are shared. I was 13 when I went to my first reunion in Louisville, KY and since then I’ve attended 12 of the 25 reunions. I’ve watched men return and mourn the men that didn’t. The Vietnam reunion is intense and the 40-plus years of history is filling. There is a bond that defies race, religion, or personal politics. The 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia allows “outsiders” the privilege and opportunity to learn of what our dads, uncles and grandfathers experienced during Vietnam. This is an extraordinary reunion of men who became bonded by serving their country during an unpopular war. It is not special because I say it is special. It is special because of where it has been and the things it has accomplished, all because of the men and women who served, are serving or will serve and carry on the great legacy of the Blackhorse. The reunion is where people can sit at any table and look at pictures of teenagers in tanks thousands of miles away. Its where most stories start with “How about the time?” or “Remember when?” But it’s not just a time for them; the men at the reunion celebrate family.

Through the years, my dad’s brothers-in-arms became my honorary uncles. There’s something uniquely comforting about knowing I can be just about anywhere in the world and have a goodhearted man there to watch over me. That sense of security gives me confidence. It is with this confidence I am bolder, brasher and certainly more respectful woman.

The morals instilled within me gives me the confidence to interview the elderly lady being fined for “feeding the meters” on others cars, to speaking with a survivor as he recalls being shot at Columbine High School. I am direct, open and honest because my father, a man forged by the Blackhorse, taught me to be.

Currently I’m a jet-setting freelancing journalist with more than a decade as a flight attendant. It’s a job, a good job, but it’s not my passion. My passion is writing and reporting. And I would like the opportunity to further develop and hone the skills I have acquired over the years by obtaining a degree in Journalism. My articles appeared in The Denver Post, the Denver Business JournalThe Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs, both Denver and 5280 magazines and Thunder Run. I’ve won a regional Mark of Excellence Award for in-depth reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists and received the Colorado Press Association Scholarship. Recently I completed an internship with the award winning alt-weekly newspaper, Westword, thanks in part to my fellowship at the Academy for Alternative Journalism at Medill’s School of Journalism at Northwestern University. 

I am a hard working and motivated person with both short-term goals and long-range ambitions and when I set goals for myself I do everything in my power to accomplish them. If I happen to fall short of my goal then I pride myself in not how I fell but how I get up, which is something my father has taught me. Despite these tumultuously difficult economic times I know having a degree makes a difference. And, simply put, I need funds in order to continue the final years of my higher education at Metropolitan State College of Denver. It’s with the help of the 11ACVVC Scholarship that would take me one step closer to not just a dream but also a reality. 

Truth, honesty, and determination are some of the many slogans or mantras made up to inspire recruits, however, Blackhorse pride, a blazingly arrogant pride, comes from the heart. Therefore, I am worthy of this because I am an outstanding person who contains all the qualities a scholarship leader should possess. I respect all of our brave men and women that have served our country but the Blackhorse Troopers are family. And my family values education. It would be a great honor to be chosen to represent the men and women who have served our country in both Vietnam and Cambodia with award of the 11ACVVC Scholarship. And to make my family proud.




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  1. Wow! Very well said,
    Love ya
    Aunt Suzy

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